Driven by the need for secure storage in a vehicle, Lock'er Down was created. Although other products were available for some applications, none met our standards. We wanted to build a product the was both secure and sleek. Each product we have designed had to meet our strict standards.

  • Made from tough domestic 12 gauge domestic cold rolled steel.
  • Have a secure locking mechanism.
  • Look like it was installed on the factory assembly line.
  • DIY simple installation.
  • Have a lifetime warranty.

We are 100% dedicated to providing the highest quality products at a reasonable price and the highest level of customer service.



At Rhino Hitch, we wanted to make a tow hitch that combines all the features it needs in one package. Full adjust-ability without the inconvenience of having to unhook and rehook a trailer. What we created became the heart of Rhino Hitch, where we are proud to have upgraded and perfected the modern day tow hitch. We are confident that we have created something that will make every truck owners lives easier and more efficient.

We have crafted our product to be irreplaceable, so you won’t have to purchase different hitches again and again. Made from 6061 grade billet aluminum and industrial-strength machine work, this is the only hitch you’ll ever need.

We are the last word in truck hitches in the United States. This isn’t just another throwaway buy for your truck. This hitch will help you tow snowmobiles, RVs, boats, motorcycles, and other toys with a perfectly level trailer. With a 14,000-pound towing capacity, we’re sure that our hitches will be useful for your commercial fleet of vehicles.



If you are looking for quality exterior or interior lighting for your vehicle, you have to message the guys over at BAMF. Their customer service is always top notch, and the products are made to last. Use our discount code above and get in touch with them today for all your LED needs! 

  • Rock Lights
  • LED Pods
  • Wheel Rings
  • Interior Lighting
  • Light bars & More.